Monday, December 21, 2009


Once upon a time there was a princess.She lived in an hunky dory world where all her desires,all her dreams got fulfilled...She had nothing to regret.The moment she asked for something,it was kept in her plate...She was boogieing in her fancy world....Slowly and steadily she became so clamorous that now she wanted just about anything in this world..

One day her eyes fell on a beautiful bird ,flying high and high,
Pompously it sat ,infront of the princess,singing in melody,flattering its colourful wings.
The princess looked perturbed.Doused with anger,she told her pawns,"Get that bird for me ,Anyhow!"
Ahha the princess was jealous,afterall she had everthing but no wings.

And there came her pawns,her knights with aim at the bird..
they tried everything but all went in vain.
The princess felt atrocious.
Day and night ,she kept thinking about the bird.
Her callous heart had just one aim.
She wanted that bird anyhow!
Now all she could use was the dagger of love to trap the bird.
The next day when the bird sat on her castle ,singing a melodious poem,
She sang for it too.
Slowly it became a routine and the bird was no longer afraid of the princess.
And The princess fell in love with the bird.
Now came the dillema,
She didnt want to hurt its feelings but at the same time she wanted it for lifetime.
It had become her priced possesion.
So finally a day came when over powered by her emotions,she caught the bird and kept it in a cage.She appologised to the bird and doused it in pearls and emeralds.
Everyday she sang for it and flaunted it infront of her friends......but the bird never sang after that.
Slowly its feathers started getting wethered.
It no longer looked beautiful...
days passed and its condition got worst....
the princess showered all her love on it,
she got the best treatment for it but all in vain.
And one day the bird died.
The princess was left in tears ..............
She took the bird out and with it fell a letter...She opened the letter and read,
"Ohhh lovely princess!

I know you loved me,

I loved you too

Thats why I sang for u....

But the day u concotted to mitigate against me,

And the day U fell a trap to cage me....

I died!

Yes I died that day itself,

No ,Not because I didnt trust your love,

I knew u wud love me all your life...

I knew u wud care for me day and night...

But that wud not be me....

My identity was my freedom,

That was my emperium,

Spreading my wings,I used to start my day...

Higher and higher ,I used to fly in may.

I had an identity,that used to reflect my soul,

and that applies to humans too....

Each one of your friends is unique,

and that is their identity....

Its a lesson of life,take it as my last wish,

Donot ever ask any of your friends to sacrifice their identity for your love,

They may do it happily today,but that will be their last day.

Give space to you loved ones,let them be what they are

Let them fly higher and higher in may and mar

And the day ull do that,You life will blosom like a sunflower.

Afterall even a plant cant grow without space and air "