Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shore To Shore!

Life is like a boat.

It travels from shore to shore.

At times ,its you who decides your destination.

And at times ,its the direction of the wind that compels you to reach a terminus.

And Your stay depends upon the weather there.

If the weather is suitable,you leave your footprints on the shore.

But if its not......then you have to MOVE ON.

From one shore to another!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new me :)

Its been almost 2 months since I am at TCS ,Noida and life here has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.I have become the way, my parents always wanted me to be-Independent!Now my day starts at 6 o clock and surprisingly ,I get up all by myself without papa rolling his hands on my forehead.I get ready on time and even reach office on time because I know that there's noone here who will say ,"You are late again?Come I will drop you".

Now, I have become an aunty scrooge :P-a big penny pincher :).Even if I feel like having an ice-cream,I avoid it-just to save a 10 rupee note(Mumma always used to say that you will realise the value of money once you will start earning yourself.Now I realised what she actually wanted to say).
I never valued the fruits that were kept in the refrigerator by mumma but now I will do, once I will go back home .I never knew that an apple kept in the refrigerator could cost Rs 15/- and a glass of milk Rs 12/-(Itni mehngai...huhh!).
I even learnt to travel by local buses and metros.Now I know the routes of 392 and 543.And I can reach any place in South Delhi on my own.(Its like my second home:) ).
Life and People out here are different.People are running to make their ways out of the traffic jams to reach their offices on time.And then the heat.Earlier I used to laugh at girls who covered their full faces and looked like the talibans but now ,even I am a part of them(garmi hi itni hai...)
But nonetheless ,my experience with a metro has been quite good.
Hats off to Delhi!!

And pa ma ,I grew up finally (though a bit but I did)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Soul Changing Shores!!

Its been a while since I last updated my bloggy dearest...around 3 months and a lot has changed since then.After college ,I was waiting for my TCS joining but TCS made the wait, a little ,too long.So I decided to take CAT.In the meantime ,I joined a web designing company at my hometown.That company gave wings to my imagination.I wasnt given any payslip but what I learnt there, values much more than theses paper notes.I worked on things that I always wanted to like Web template designing ,creating animations,web advertisements etc .It was something that gave me happiness.And my happiness touched the emperium ,whenever my work got an applause.Here ,I have uploaded the glimpse of my toil,for which I burnt the midnight oil.

And then ,in the third week of februrary ,I got my CAT results.I had scored a decent 94 percentile.The result didnt bother me much, as I was enjoying my stint as a web designer but then came a shocker -my TCS joining.I loved my work but realised that ,payslips do have some value. It was time for me to move out of my hometown,to start a new life,a life -all mine!!

Now ,I am at TCS ,Noida for the past one and a half month.