Thursday, September 2, 2010


Expect a flower to always stay fresh,
But one day it will wither away

Expect a glass to never break,
But one day ,it will break into pieces

Expect your dog to stay with you forever
But one day ,it has to go away

Every thing in life has a lifecycle,it has to grow mature and die one day.
But still we expect people to respond the way we want, things to stay the way they are.

Expectations are a heavy burden to carry. The more we expect out of something or someone, the higher our chances of disappointment become.

Nobody likes disappointment. A way to avoid it is to shift our mentality from that of having expectations to one of looking for possibilities.

Looking for possibilities instead of having expectations allows us to adjust our goals and maintain a positive outlook on what the future holds.
It allows us to look at life in an entirely different way: If great things happen, it’s wonderful; but if our interactions and work don’t bring immediate rewards, everything is fine regardless because the possibility of reaping them down the road is still there.

Doesn’t this mentality make life much more enjoyable? Much less stressful?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shore To Shore!

Life is like a boat.

It travels from shore to shore.

At times ,its you who decides your destination.

And at times ,its the direction of the wind that compels you to reach a terminus.

And Your stay depends upon the weather there.

If the weather is suitable,you leave your footprints on the shore.

But if its not......then you have to MOVE ON.

From one shore to another!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new me :)

Its been almost 2 months since I am at TCS ,Noida and life here has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.I have become the way, my parents always wanted me to be-Independent!Now my day starts at 6 o clock and surprisingly ,I get up all by myself without papa rolling his hands on my forehead.I get ready on time and even reach office on time because I know that there's noone here who will say ,"You are late again?Come I will drop you".

Now, I have become an aunty scrooge :P-a big penny pincher :).Even if I feel like having an ice-cream,I avoid it-just to save a 10 rupee note(Mumma always used to say that you will realise the value of money once you will start earning yourself.Now I realised what she actually wanted to say).
I never valued the fruits that were kept in the refrigerator by mumma but now I will do, once I will go back home .I never knew that an apple kept in the refrigerator could cost Rs 15/- and a glass of milk Rs 12/-(Itni mehngai...huhh!).
I even learnt to travel by local buses and metros.Now I know the routes of 392 and 543.And I can reach any place in South Delhi on my own.(Its like my second home:) ).
Life and People out here are different.People are running to make their ways out of the traffic jams to reach their offices on time.And then the heat.Earlier I used to laugh at girls who covered their full faces and looked like the talibans but now ,even I am a part of them(garmi hi itni hai...)
But nonetheless ,my experience with a metro has been quite good.
Hats off to Delhi!!

And pa ma ,I grew up finally (though a bit but I did)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Soul Changing Shores!!

Its been a while since I last updated my bloggy dearest...around 3 months and a lot has changed since then.After college ,I was waiting for my TCS joining but TCS made the wait, a little ,too long.So I decided to take CAT.In the meantime ,I joined a web designing company at my hometown.That company gave wings to my imagination.I wasnt given any payslip but what I learnt there, values much more than theses paper notes.I worked on things that I always wanted to like Web template designing ,creating animations,web advertisements etc .It was something that gave me happiness.And my happiness touched the emperium ,whenever my work got an applause.Here ,I have uploaded the glimpse of my toil,for which I burnt the midnight oil.

And then ,in the third week of februrary ,I got my CAT results.I had scored a decent 94 percentile.The result didnt bother me much, as I was enjoying my stint as a web designer but then came a shocker -my TCS joining.I loved my work but realised that ,payslips do have some value. It was time for me to move out of my hometown,to start a new life,a life -all mine!!

Now ,I am at TCS ,Noida for the past one and a half month.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Somebody please wake them up!!!

Just a few minutes back,I was surfing the news channels and there was just one news all over.I am feeling pathetic right now.

What country are we living in where RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT but noone can express their views and if we do...a political party creates a big uprore.

What country are we living in where just for the sake of a few votes ,political parties play with the emotions of the innocent people.

Yes here I am talking of POLITICAL PARTIES like SHIV SENA and MNS.From where I can see,I can clearly visualize why shiv sena is creating such a big issue over Mumbai,over SRK OR over Australians playing in the IPL.

Its simply because last year Udhav thackrey's cousin earned more votes than him because of his so called "fight for the Marathi Manoos policy".

No I am not saying the issue they are fighting for is not justified..It is justified..The People of Maharashtra should get preference in the state Government jobs but this is just not the right way to approach a problem..Here we are not luking at the interest of our Nation but are luking at the interest of our parties' votebank.

Going This way ,I dont think we will be able to fight poverty,militancy,unemployment or any other issue...As a citizen of India ,I feel ashamed of my country's political system and the political parties.

P.S I am sorry guys for not replying to your comments these days.I am just a lil busy wd sum wrk.Thanks to all those who are still reading my posts.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Love is always patient and kind

Love is not jealous ,it doesnot brag and it is not proud

Love is not rude,it is not selfish, and doesnot become angry easily

Love doesnot remember wrong done against it

Love is not happy with evil,but is happy with truth
Love bears all things ,believes all things

Hopes all things,endures all things

Love never fails
P.S A poem from the movie ,"A Walk To Remember"for everyone whoz ever been in love

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


While searing for an answer to the question that :how is a human being formed?",I got the following answer.
This is what I got ,a zygote that is that came 
into existence after the mitosis and meiosis of cells
Well wait wait...I am not going to discuss biology
 here but I need an answer to my simple question 
that if humans are made up of cells then where from
 this religion came into existence.
A little child doesnt know anything at all,all the lessons
 of life he gets are from his/her parents or from the society.
Then is it not possible that the lessons that we got were wrong...
I dont know about you but I feel that there is a possibilty 
of this to happen.Then if a few wrong people divided us on the
 basis of caste ,creed,religion,language then can we not correct this mess.
Yes we can...I lately heard of an example where two people
 fell in love,the guy was a muslim and the girl was a hindu.
They both got married and were blessed with a baby.
And when the authorities asked them to fill the column of religion
 in the baby's birth certificate they simply refused saying that
 they dont want their child to be bound by a single faith.
It was an hour of revelation for me....I think this society 
will actually be a good place if we consider each other 
as humans and nothing else.
And to be true ,that is what we are.......Then.........

Lets us all stay united 
And live our lives happily
Let us concentrate on the constructive things
And Let us work together, for the mankind
How many of us know the religion of Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton
All that we know is, they were great minds who worked for the MANKIND 
Think what may have happened
Had they only worked for a particular religion. 

P.S : Happy Republic Day guys!

Monday, January 18, 2010


In this short span of life, I have always believed in giving more often.Yes the world today is preoccupied and no one has time . The hearts have grown selfish and the minds have grown competitive. But I still believe that we must give,whenever possible, not just because it will make the other person happy but because it will make us happier.

To begin with ,lets see what HAPPINESS actually is.We all love to be happy but where is this happiness sold? Had someone been selling it, in these markets , I am sure everyone would have been happy. But that is not the case. We all look for happiness in things that satiate us and that includes trivial things like shopping, hanging out with friends, getting good gifts and loads of money. But I have often found that the moment I enter my home after shopping loads of stuff I start thinking about the money I spent, and whether the dress suits to the tee or not. And hence this kind of happiness is momentary, hence it isn't happiness at all. It flies as soon as we satiate our desires.

Now you must be wondering why am I blabbering about happiness and what is true happiness if its not satiating your own self.

Well guys I am writing on this because today I found the real happiness. And you wont believe it came from the most ordinary of things.

I found my happiness in teaching students, in giving them just a small part of what I have learnt in these two decades of my life. Frankly speaking I started this for money but within a day itself my view changed. Now I am doing this just to enlighten the lives of a few, not for any monetary benefits. Believe me this inner satisfaction is divine. The jetlag of teaching students for 3-4 hours is infact the real comfort for me. And when a student solves a question on a topic taught by you, You actually feel you are in empyream.

Thats why I say to give unconditionally is divine because it holds the secret to the inner satisfaction and true happiness.

"Only when we give joyfully without hesitation or thought of gain,

can we truely know what true happiness means."

Friday, January 15, 2010


You And I in this beautiful world........

I used to hate dogs just because I had no reason to love them.They used to folow me with their tail wagging and toungue licking.I had somehow developed this phobia that any dog can bite me any day till I met someone.He used to love dogs and one day we had one big discussion on whether dogs are angels or devils;)...That day for the first time, I came close to the puppies sleeping near our class .Tender like a feather,innocent like a new born,they simply stole my heart.

And when they woke up,I ran I hurriedly stood up on a podium but kept watching them, playing.That was the first day when baby dogs stepped up, on the trail to my heart.

After a few months, when I went to a family friend's house I met a pug.Never had I seen such an innocent dog.It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.I played with it,held it in my lap,patted it but theN ,we had to leave.


Since then I missed it day and night.
I yearn for much that whenever I find some one having a pain exacerbates.

till then I ll keep on singing this song.

Every day I want to fly stay by my side......
Everyday I want to dream stay by my side.....
Every morning I wish I could just play...........
Wish the morning would just stay.....

Friday, January 1, 2010


First of all ,a very happy new year guys..May this be one of your best years and may you get all that your heart craves for.Have a great year ahead and I wished all those who are a part of my life but how could I forget you all...Here's a short poem for u all.CHEERS MY BLOG BUDdIES
The fire, inside me
Asked me, to spill the beams of my soul
And then, I stood up , out of ma bed
Towards blogger, my mind led
And then I started to blog,
For a few days,I had to slog,
But you were alwaz there,
To inspire me and to care
Like a plant my blog, grew
And your comments added, H2O
;) :) ;)
Thanks for being there guys.
May the almighty bless You all!!
Take care and have a great year!