Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strokes of Brushes

Welcome to my art exhibition..This is an exhibition of a few original paintings.....We all have heard of sentational paintings like monalisa and hotshot painters like Pablo Picasso,MFHussian and many more.There have been people who take up painting as a professionand why not when a painting can fetch you a price as high as $ 53.9 million dollers.And there have been many enigmatic,cryptic,beautiful paintings.Ahh!!I used to wonder these painters are occult...and surely they are ,after all it takes imagination and ideas to create a magestic painting.
Recently I opened sotheby's website (For your information Sotheby's is the world's third oldest art auction house) and I saw a few great paintings.I realized that though I am not a great painter ,I am not bad either.With a proper marketing strategy, my paintings can earn millions too and I can become a parvenu ;)..heheeee
So here is my collection.
Hope you all will enjoy watching these strokes of brushes.

My first painting is of LORD GANESHA(for the foreigners who are following my blog- LORD GANESA is an Indian God who is also known as GOD OF SUCCESS)
When hot Summers make you jetlagged and you feel deadbeat...Wouldnt you want to be in a place like this.
When the night overshadows and the sun sleeps ,this is how the world looks through my eyes.
Away from the horns of vehicles,loud music of pubs and idyllic place where you will surely exult-An Indian farmland.

Donot take a beaten up path ,rather create a trail of your own.Follow your dreams.HOPE YOU ENJOYED WATCHING THESE PAINTINGS.MY MUSEUM is closed now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When asked about ourselves in an interview or in an introduction...the first line we say is ..I AM .....One’s name is one’s Identity. It is the sound that catches your ear when you are in a crowd – even though you might end up realizing that what you just heard merely “sounded like” your name but was actually not. A lot of people have been obsessed with names – their names or the “concept of name.”

In fact I came to know that there are people who read out your personality from your name...I failed to guess how?According to them:

Every alphabet has a consistent mathematical order, which allows it to be measured. An analysis of the letters in your name will determine the qualites of your personality.Your name determines your every experience. It defines your personal strengths [sic] and weaknesses both mentally and physically. It interprets your whole nature. It shows your position in life and your measure of success or failure. When you are named your destiny is created.”

Now while I do believe that having a catchy or “good-sounding” name can have an impact. I have noticed that people with ‘uncommon’ names usually get noticed very quickly. For instance, a name like Writankar – the name itself commands attention in a group. I’m sure more often that not, people with uncommon AND hard-to-pronounce names would find themselves in a situation where they’d have to repeat their name to the listener and instantly this translates into the former occupying more of the latter’s mind-space! – No Wonder Ekta Kapoor spells out the names of her Soaps with 2 K’s, 3 G’s and what not! — Astrological reasons aside, it is about mind-space! — It is about the casual observer noticing weird spelling, perhaps! Who knows?

The effect is in my opinion temporary. It is your experiences, your interactions and your thoughts which ultimately mould your individuality. So what the “observer” finally concludes about you will depend on more than your name – Moreover, it will depend on factors that have nothing to do with it!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. “

– William Shakespeare

My first name is –Hitaishi is a very uncommon one – I have to pronounce it two three times only then a person is able to master it.It helps me gain spotlights every now and then.In the interviews that I have faced..the interviewer first asks me the meaning of my name.That helps me drag the interview accordingly :).“HITAISHI” has a meanings drawn from the sanskrit:

Hitaishi (Sanskrit) – Well Wisher

I always try to live up to this name.I just hope I have succeeded so far.

Numerological Meaning

People with this name tend to be balanced, and receptive to cooperation. They are the ideal partner and seek peace. It is important for them to learn how to speak up, or they may be taken advantage of. Sometimes they can get stuck on too many details and have feelings of loneliness.

So what’s your name.. and what does it mean?

And while you unveal the clandestine behind your name and tell me… listen to this song from Hindi Movie KINARA:

naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa ,meree aawaaj hee pahachaan hai,

gar yaad rahe ,wakt ke sitam kam haseen nahee,aaj hain yahaa kal kahee nahee ,wakt ke pare agar mil gaye kahee,meree aawaaj hee meri pehcchaan hai

din dhale jahaa raat paas ho, jindagee kee lau unchee kar chalo yaad aaye gar kabhee jee udaas ho, meree aawaaj hee meri pehcchaan hai.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who said Gcet is in shambles??Here is the fact...find out yourself.

I often wonder how time flies so feels as if it was yesterday when I was in school but I have even completed my college.....Closing my eyes I was thinking about the times when I first entered my college ...I came with my mum and my friend....we were waiting for the inaugral lectures to start and there I met those people who were going to be my batchmates for four years.Things proceeded and lectures started.Professors started coming in one by one and delivered their lectures...and then came one lecturer with turban (I am sure GCETians might have guessed it).He was the HOD of maths department-popularly known as bhuppi .He came in and in his notorious baritone started asking a few maths problems...JUST IMAGINE...we people had been studying for 4 long months to get a coveted seat in a college and now when we felt that all that questioning is over..there stood one lecturer asking problems of mathematics on the very first day of college....huh!!....Finally those myraid lectures got over . The next day we came with high spirits and happy hearts to start our stint at GCET.
And there were our seniors in galore staring us with surreptitious a butcher stares its prey.We overlooked them and immediately went to our class.But they followed.We were asked to introduce ourselves and we did that happily,little did we knew that it was just a paradign...a gamut of such intros were about to follow.
Seniors came and came and came and eventually we were hounded by them. I still remember standing the whole day giviny my introduction....and when one of my seniors asked me...Wud you come 2 clg tomorrow? I vehemently said NO...
Now I realize that if I had given up then I wouldnt have been what I am today.

Folowing are my achievements of being a proud GCETian:

1) Today I am a proud hotshot Engineer for name.I hope nobody's listening, with no practical skills.

2)I have become so active that it takes 2hours for me to complete a half an hour job.I am sure many of you cant do this.

3)Ahh!!Gcet made me a virtuoso in time management. Now I start preparing for exams one day before the exam.

4)I have become so punctual that I am never on time.After all ,I am a Gcetian I had to carry forward the legacy.

5)Ohh !I forgot something...Gcet also taught me multitasking ...Can u imagine I can now listen to lectures while sleeping in the class.Damn its so tough.

6)I also learnt how to stay fit...simple..walk your way to college under burning sun even if the distance is 5kms, with noone on the road.

7)It taught me how to bunk classes in the name of strikes.

8)Thats not all it taught me how to speak in dogri.Wow!what I cudnt learn in 17 years ,Gcet taught me that in just 4 years.

9)My prestigious college also made me I can even walk up to divisional commisioners office and can even arrange a bus.....Please contact if service is required.

10)Last but not the least it taught me ..Zindagi mein padai hi sab kuch hai....Freshers, parties sab moh maya hain.

(Please forgive was pun unintended..sacchhi mucchii)

Well Well ...I believe ten virtues are very few,I think I am missing out something...Come on u Gcetians....add to this post....what have you learnt from this college?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Darr ke aage jeet hai!!!

I feared my destiny,
Until i realized that i had the power to change my life.

I feared my failure,
Until i realized that i fail only when i don't try.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey Guys!!

With this post, I am rediscovering my philosophical side…I used to write poems when I was in class 9th but with time this passion of mine died.

I always loved playing with the beauty of words...and loved expressing them with panache….so here I am expressing my philosophical side…hope I have not offended thy veterans.

So guys be serious and enjoy the unsaid...

There was no light around, so I took out a candle…it was a jumbo sized candle, a gargantuan…I lit it and it started glowing….Within seconds ,a lifeless candle looked beautiful,enigmatic……It was as elegant as the prima donna at an opera….glowing with pride….and why not, when it has the power to vanquish the mighty darkness.

But the clock ticked and time passed. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes to hours. The skeletal wax of the candle kept melting. It was still glowing with aristocracy but its flame seemed terrified, shivering with fear. As the wax touched the floor, the candle seemedcrying for its loss, its loss of sheen, loss of torso and above all else, loss of life. It fought and it fought hard. It said it is powerful, how can it die….but it couldn’t overpower its fate…the wick faded away and then expired. And the flame kept crying…..

What come in this world, eventually goes back; tempus fugit. Everyone meet its end and so did the candle. Its flame submerged in the sea of wax and all that was left was caput mortuum – a worthless residue.. That’s life.

Only if someone told the candle that the end was inevitable and that was the very reason why it didnot matter. All that mattered was what it made out of its life. As long as it lived, it played its part and played it rather well. Enlightened the world and spread the divinity it had brought along. It could have met a happier ending though. A final harbor for a satiated life. Only if someoneenlightened the enlightener..