Thursday, September 2, 2010


Expect a flower to always stay fresh,
But one day it will wither away

Expect a glass to never break,
But one day ,it will break into pieces

Expect your dog to stay with you forever
But one day ,it has to go away

Every thing in life has a lifecycle,it has to grow mature and die one day.
But still we expect people to respond the way we want, things to stay the way they are.

Expectations are a heavy burden to carry. The more we expect out of something or someone, the higher our chances of disappointment become.

Nobody likes disappointment. A way to avoid it is to shift our mentality from that of having expectations to one of looking for possibilities.

Looking for possibilities instead of having expectations allows us to adjust our goals and maintain a positive outlook on what the future holds.
It allows us to look at life in an entirely different way: If great things happen, it’s wonderful; but if our interactions and work don’t bring immediate rewards, everything is fine regardless because the possibility of reaping them down the road is still there.

Doesn’t this mentality make life much more enjoyable? Much less stressful?