Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beyond engineering....the journey continues!!!

So ,finally I am an Engineer....Lately my final semester result was declared and I scored 83.8 % marks.I got what I wanted ,a 76 % aggregate.Now I am an engineer with an honours degree.:) :)

It was a hedonic feeling...I was elated but comparing it with my previous results ,the happiness level was low..I wondered why?I had scored my engineering career best in the final sem but still ,I wasnt feeling that happy as I used to feel earlier.

May be It was because now these marks hold a very small value ...Now the goal had changed to creating a good future,a scintillating career.

There are many engineers out there....I am just a droplet added to this ocean of engineers.
Though I dont like compromising today's happiness for tomorrow's but this time I want to make it anyhow.

Here my mind is recalling a few inspiring lines from

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

by Robert Frost

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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Waiting for my Tata Consultancy Services' joining and would be taking CAT this year...Lets see what transpires.
Keeping my fingers crossed...I know God will show me the right path.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A few months back,when a friend of mine asked me…Can you define love for me?When can you say you are in love?

I smiled and closed my eyes,

All I could say was this………….

You feel like dancing even when there is no music on.

You feel like smiling even when noone has cracked a joke.

You can smell his fragrance in the air even when he is miles away.

Your eyes twinkle when they see him and

if he is not there infront of you,

They look for him.

When he holds your hand,you feel as if the whole world’s your stage

And you feel like a princess….his princess !!

If you are tensed or sad,you can easily manage that but if he is…. ,

Your whole world falls apart,

You feel like fighting the whole world,just to bring that smile back on his face.

Before meeting him,you pray only for yourself but after meeting him,

you beg for his smiles,his happiness,his success,

He simply steals your soul and comfortably resides there inside you,

your heart calls his name every second instead of lub-dub :)

Even if you are an introvert ,you feel like sharing everything with him,

Even if its something related to brushing your teeth :)

You feel like listening to him for hours,

And You wont be able to sleep at night without listening to his “hello”

When he is not around ,you crave for him,

You miss him badly,

You feel like curling yourself inside his arms,

You feel utmost protected inside his arms,

Even when you know, he is no superman.

That’s love :)

I replied.

P.S Heys guys!I am so sorry for not reading your posts.I am very busy thz days.Hope

you will understand,I will come back soon..:)

Take care!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a joker!!!!

I danced like a lummox,
people laughed at me,
I was a joker
I was made to laugh at.

I hid my face behind colours and smiles
people came
attracted to me.

I thought they loved me
How silly I was ,
a perfect joker
they came to suffice their ulterior motives,
and I was so naive

I was just a puppet for them,
When I danced to their tunes,
they smiled with me and
drenched me with love
And when I didn't ,
I was a mere toy for them
I cried for I had felt bad,
I was torn into pieces but
I had to get up
I was a joker
and jokers dont have emotions,
they cant feel bad
they must forgive and forget their pains
and must perform the act with perfection,
the act of dancing to the tunes of its master
else the master will get upset
What if he never cared for my emotions,
I loved him.....

I was just a joker ,
The leitmotif of my show was predefined
I just had options
Act or get shunned!

My chicanery makes you laugh,
what more can I ask for,
I must live by the rules laid by my master
thats my life
the act must be performed to the tee
hiding all fears,
all tears,
the act of brightening the lives of people I love!
After all I am just a joker.....

P.S I know the poem is distorted but I wanted to write what I felt.I wanted to break myself free from the gamut of emotions that had engulfed me.

Take care and thanks to all of you..You guys are really an important part of my life now.You have become my close knit family.
Thanks for being there.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you."Thats the power of encouragement.

I was happy blogging,lost in my own world.
I used to see people flaunting awards on their blog,
I wondered, Am I not worthy of these awards?
My ego said, yes but my conscience said ,Forget about the awards,
First, fully,Commit yourself to your work,
As it is said in Gita,karam kar phal ki chinta na kar,
I gave my blog my best and appreciation came so subly and unexpectedly,
Wow!!What a day ...I feel like dousing myself in pearls and emeralds,
Its my gala night.
6 awards in a day..I feel blessed to have such friends who value my work.What more can I ask for!!
Thank you so so much!!!!

1)The First award goes to


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Woww!!!I will end this ceremony with this quote
"Give people often but dont expect in return,Your world will start smiling"
Take care

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey guys!!I wanted to write this post almost a month back,but it kind of slipped out of my mind.
It was one of my friends birthday and he gave us a "kaminey treet".So we went out and watched kaminey.The movie portrays two twins, one character is gud and honest and the other dark and dishonest..The Movie is all about how the gud is able to get his love back fighting out against the dishonest society...where everyone is dishonest including his brother,the police and the ministers...Now is it not the reality of this new world.Seriously it hurts me a lot when someone who is honest and nice is bullied by the so called dishonest and bad heroes of the society.Yaa in the todays world everything bad is considered cool and gud is looked down upon and laughed at.
Drunkards and smokers are the new trailbrazers.
Corruption!! yaa they say without money there is no honey...then what should a poor do.
Ethics and principles hold no value.The slogon is "Just get your work done ANYWAYS."
People have become so bereft of their emotions that it has become difficult for them to hold on to a single relation..BREAK UP is now as easy as breaking a mirror with a hammer.And without any travails they start a new relation the very next day.

All this is cryptic for me..It is just not sinking in.

And that man who is genuinely good and nice seems to me like an endangered specie who may give up anytime fighting against these KAMINEYS.
That person seems to me like a prey fighting hard against the python...I feel like protecting him against all dangers because if he will give up,honesty will give up,goodwill will give up.

So this poem is dedicated to that person who is good,who has started feeling that he is the only alien here in this world.
So here it goes.

There are times in life, when, you have to fight to prove yourself right,
Fight ,because you are actually right.
Donot give up.

There are times, When there are two ways to do a thing,
All may take the easier way but your conscience says go the other way,
Listen to it and follow the right path.
So what if you are alone, You are right.
Never give up.

There are times when it is easier to leave and difficult to hold on,
Hold on because if you won;t then who will.
You are the choosen one .
Donot give up.

There are times in life when you feel that the whole concept of goodwill is fake,
Think again because if that was the case Jesus wouldn't have bee worshipped.
Inspire yourself.
Donot give up.

There are times when you feel alone in a crowd,
See again ,everyone has something good in him,
Help him,Bring that out.
But never give up.

There are times when you might have won by taking a shortcut in life,
Think again ,you may have won the race but you must have lost the respecting eyes.
So even if it takes ten races to register a win,donot lose hope ,
It is more blessed to give than to receive.
So Never give up..............................................:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Spreading my wings when I wanted to fly ,
I was told I couldn't,
I craved for it day and night
but I couldn't
I dreamt of it watching birds fly but
I couldn't
And When I could fly,
I realized that all this time
what I longed for
was not at all the purpose of mine.
Now I wanted to shine
like a Prima Donna in the light
And wanted to be a trail brazer in the night
I struggled for it ,breaking all mores
Just to sing one day, the song of success in chorus
And that day came ,yaa it came
Just to book itself in the history's name.
I realized that all this time
I was running behind a fake kaliedoscope
Now I had shekels,I had fame but I wanted something out of scope.
But what?
Then I saw a child who had no arms,
she was smiling and dancing in her own tune.
She had everything and I had none
I was shocked
I Felt pitty on me..You know why?
Because I realized that all this time, I longed for a genuine SMILE.

This poem is dedicated to a common man or woman who forgets to smile in course of its journey in life.
Yes smile and happiness are the two things that we all crave for but never realize.
So smile often and pass it on.Spread smiles and your world will automatically smile.Take life as it comes.
Always remember
""Smile is a curved line that puts everything straight""

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey guys!!This ones my first tag...I got too tags in a day ...Wopieeee.To be very frank I didnt know what does a TAG means.Then after a bit of search, I found out that You are given a theme and you have to write on that theme....I was tagged by jaunty and number and The theme is NUMBER.

NUMBER first of all reminds me of one of my seniors...yaa the one who tagged me.God knows why has he kept his name number but he is a very good human because he helped me in my project..:) And I want to make full use of this opportunity to say thanks to him..THANK U SIR ohh sorry captain :)

Okay lets start.
It reminds me of that song from the hindi movie " purab and paschim",JAB ZERO DIYA MERE BHARAT NE TAB DUNIYA KO GINATI AAYI...and it makes me feel so chauvinistic.Yes we are Indians, Not some slumdog millionaires but the ones who gave so much to the world including mathematics.yES I am chauvinistic.A diehard patriot.

My Numero uno is my Family.I am a homesick kind of person.I enjoy being with my family and friends(my extended family).For me they are the best.

I had a two wheeler-a blue coloured scouty but pa has sold it now.I feel so dependent without it.

I have three chocolates with me right now..and I love chocolates ,they are the real food for your brain and heart....I am relishing each byte of it and yaa I love mik chocolates like milkybaar..So If you plan to gift me a choco thn it should be a milkybaar-the premium baar.

Four years of college life..I miss ma college so much..those lecture halls,those sessionals,wo hamare cheating karna and pakde na jaana.Thanks to that good impression ;),bunking classes by jumping out of windows,breaking all sorts of rules,fighting hard against the red tapism and studying on the last night before the exams...hmmm I am gonna miss ma college days

We were five girls in our Electronics And Communication stream,popularly known as chak de.Seriously we have rocked this college life.We have done so much boogieing in the class.Even the guys used to feel jealous of us because we were the real heroes of the class :).Today all of us are away and forlorn but We are still connected through spirits..Spirit that says Girls are no less than guys.We too can do anything in life.

Six reminds me of 6 sixes of yuvraj singh in the world cup against England...Little broad looked like a dwarf infront of our giant yuvi...Yes I am a big big cricket fan and Sourav Ganguly is ma fav player..and my first crush.I miss you were the real tiger.

Seven reminds me of sat sur of hindi music..I am a big time music maniac..Music makes me happy and rejuvinates my soul.I have a big collection of all time hits, thanks to my love.

Eight reminds me of the girl lakshmi who had eight legs and with Gods grace she is leading a normal life now...Also eight reminds me of my school days when even one minute after eight meant punishment...I never got one but i used to enjoy seeing ma batchmates running with their bags.That was the time when eight meant morning prayers and masti at school.

Nine is my favourite number...and numerologically my lucky number..Though I dont believe in all these things but I still like the number...I was also born on a date whose single digit sum is 9.

Ten used to be the time for me to sleep when the college was on but not anymore.Now I sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning..guess how life changed in just a few days.

P.S. Hope I have done a decent job..and if not then plzz excuse ,it was ma first tag.
ohkk I will tag akshat,skywalker,deepika,shilpa,Amit,noni,sattish,nicolas (my new reader)....cheers to all