Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My project-My inspiration

I  was surfing internet like any other day when I came across this link and a shiver went down through my spine.For a few moments ,I was left dumbstruck.I didnt know what to do..with sweat rolling down my forehead...heart aching and eyes overwhelmed with tears...I felt helpless,crippled,vulnerable..I wanted to do something about this DRINKING AND DRIVING(after all this could happen to anyone-even to my loved ones) but the question was "WHAT".A few days later, when we were discussing our major project topics, my cousin mentioned about a project on alcoholdetection.I was thrilled,I knew God has given me a chance to do something about this drinking and driving.

We started working on our project..now our idea was to make this alcohol detector such that it not only detects alcohol vapours but at the same time if installed in commercial vehicles,it will detect driver's breath ,stop the car's engine and will send an sms to the car's owner that his driver is drunk so that he can seize the car.

I donot know how long will it take me to commercialize this project .The feeling of completion would be measureless but till that time I would like to send this messege to all those who are reading my blog...................................PLZZZZZZZZZ DONOT DRIVE AND DRINK.


  1. Never knew what this was the reason you chose this project..

  2. gr8 thought dear, hope u achieve wt u aiming fr...
    my best wishes r wid u dear.....

  3. thankuuuuuuuuuuu shoooooooooooooo much dear.al d best 2 u 2

  4. touching...!!n amazing on ur part to choose this issue as ur project!!Hats off!!