Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey guys ! today I am posting something different.Recently I watched Harry Potter and the half blood prince...and after watching the movie, felt dire need of reading the last culminating novel of the series....harry potter and the deathly hallows.Though I am a "NOVEL WORM"(mind it i am not a book worm..;)),I hadnt read the novel because of lack of money..its sale price was Rs 1225.25 then.So I searched all night for a free E-book and surpisingly I found it..For me it was no less than a pandora's box...Don't worry I am a doctor's daughter,I do care for your eyes...So here I am posting the summarized novel to help u get the gist of the book, before you go out to watch the movie that is slated for a 2010 release..Have Fun ,its the best one out of the full series.


  1. First you go for a 'free' e book, no need to say you paid no heed to the copyright laws in add to that you are relishing about the fact.. Great.. Teri complaint karta hun ..thehar...

  2. thanx for the summarised story link....even i wanted to read this one for free after reading the previous ones for free.... :D..i follow the either buy the whole series or just get it to read from anywhere ;)

  3. heheee...kya thek karega to maine kar diya..:)its btr tu bhi padd le...then ull realize its worth..i think mukul will agree on that