Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre Marriage blues!!!

When I descended on earth,I was like just another child ,special for my parents.They didn’t bother if I was a girl or a boy.For them ,I was their first child-a token of their love.But people around them had their eyebrows raised-“Oh!my God-a girl child”.They gave fake smiles and internally wished if I was a baby boy…..A few years passed and I got a doll to play…a naughty doll…my sweet sis.But this time it was intolerable for many.Two girls,how will you manage…ohho,but no problems you can try one more time for a boy” (as if it was so damn easy to bear a child).My parents didn’t care about the world..For them we were their two little angel-Precious!! …Years started passing,we grew up into girls but those people didn’t stop asking for a boy….This pressure is not easy to handle ,most of the families succumb to this pressure.But my parents didn’t care.We were given all kinds of freedom except for a few things like we couldn’t go out without asking our parents and we couldn’t stay out for nights…but these things were acceptable.We crafted our world in such a manner that we felt happy staying inside.Now 22 years hav passed,both of us have grown up.I am an engineer and she is becoming a doctor…everything looked good,we choose our own careers and planned accordingly for our futures…….But as they say a girl’s life isn’t a hunky dori….Those people again knocked our door and this time to suggest pa ma that girls should get married as early as possible else they don’t get a good groom.It seemed like that chak de taunt…"ladkiyan hain kya karengi zaiyda padd ke,afterall they have to get married….I gave them a befitting reply and told them that I wished to study further and I will” and why shoulnt I when guys of my age are planning their future without any tension… .But they were not going to stop,they came again and again with good and then better RISHTES.But couldn’t change my No….my parents stood firm with me but I can see that fear in their eyes….WILL SHE GET A GOOD GROOM….I dnt know when will they succumb to this pressure…and I will be caged in a place away from my parents,my loved ones…..Even writing this gives me a sinking feeling…But hey I am just 21!!!!....whats wrong with the world…I still feel like a child,won’t it be called a child marriage…huh!I do have one BRAHMASTRA-Its my constitutional right to get married whenever I wish…Noone can force me...:).HOPE IT WILL HELP ME IN THIS WAR AGAINST MARRIAGE.


  1. Haha....nice one!!!!
    All the best to u...u really need to emerge victorious in this war....Good Luck!!!

  2. u already possess that brahmastra...thats is your confidence in yourself to make it big one will surely give befitting reply to all those who think having a girl child is a kind of curse and will make ur parents proud of u :)

  3. Ohhh... That was one Post...
    U getting married kya.... Happy Married life in that case :P Well What made u write such a post achanak??? Plans kya??
    Vaise nice post.. showing the inner feelings of an educated, high aiming girl.......

  4. hmmm...plans r solid to do mba from a good clg and no marriage for me please

  5. seriously after reading this ...i sincerely wish more girls follow this ...u do have something in U ...believe me of luck :)