Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When asked about ourselves in an interview or in an introduction...the first line we say is ..I AM .....One’s name is one’s Identity. It is the sound that catches your ear when you are in a crowd – even though you might end up realizing that what you just heard merely “sounded like” your name but was actually not. A lot of people have been obsessed with names – their names or the “concept of name.”

In fact I came to know that there are people who read out your personality from your name...I failed to guess how?According to them:

Every alphabet has a consistent mathematical order, which allows it to be measured. An analysis of the letters in your name will determine the qualites of your personality.Your name determines your every experience. It defines your personal strengths [sic] and weaknesses both mentally and physically. It interprets your whole nature. It shows your position in life and your measure of success or failure. When you are named your destiny is created.”

Now while I do believe that having a catchy or “good-sounding” name can have an impact. I have noticed that people with ‘uncommon’ names usually get noticed very quickly. For instance, a name like Writankar – the name itself commands attention in a group. I’m sure more often that not, people with uncommon AND hard-to-pronounce names would find themselves in a situation where they’d have to repeat their name to the listener and instantly this translates into the former occupying more of the latter’s mind-space! – No Wonder Ekta Kapoor spells out the names of her Soaps with 2 K’s, 3 G’s and what not! — Astrological reasons aside, it is about mind-space! — It is about the casual observer noticing weird spelling, perhaps! Who knows?

The effect is in my opinion temporary. It is your experiences, your interactions and your thoughts which ultimately mould your individuality. So what the “observer” finally concludes about you will depend on more than your name – Moreover, it will depend on factors that have nothing to do with it!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. “

– William Shakespeare

My first name is –Hitaishi is a very uncommon one – I have to pronounce it two three times only then a person is able to master it.It helps me gain spotlights every now and then.In the interviews that I have faced..the interviewer first asks me the meaning of my name.That helps me drag the interview accordingly :).“HITAISHI” has a meanings drawn from the sanskrit:

Hitaishi (Sanskrit) – Well Wisher

I always try to live up to this name.I just hope I have succeeded so far.

Numerological Meaning

People with this name tend to be balanced, and receptive to cooperation. They are the ideal partner and seek peace. It is important for them to learn how to speak up, or they may be taken advantage of. Sometimes they can get stuck on too many details and have feelings of loneliness.

So what’s your name.. and what does it mean?

And while you unveal the clandestine behind your name and tell me… listen to this song from Hindi Movie KINARA:

naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa ,meree aawaaj hee pahachaan hai,

gar yaad rahe ,wakt ke sitam kam haseen nahee,aaj hain yahaa kal kahee nahee ,wakt ke pare agar mil gaye kahee,meree aawaaj hee meri pehcchaan hai

din dhale jahaa raat paas ho, jindagee kee lau unchee kar chalo yaad aaye gar kabhee jee udaas ho, meree aawaaj hee meri pehcchaan hai.


  1. Before writing anything else....i must say i am lacking trust in this numerological order..How can it boast credibility when it just dint tell that you are very sweetly sweet..:)

    Okk..My name is Akshat Vaid.
    'A' refers to a negation of the remaining word and 'kshati' means "harm"
    So my name means one who can't be harmed.

  2. Well nicely written!!!
    I don't read blogs but yes somebody forced me to do so.
    n i don regret it...
    but i agree with akshat that numerological order can't be so creditable...

    My name is Chetan Singh Kalotra

    chetan - derived from snskrit
    means "life"

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  4. sorry had to delete the earlier comment...there were some errors in that one...

    seems you have done a lot of research on this topic..:)..i dont know much about numerological order but i seriously want people to pronounce my name correctly...

    Name is "MUKUL" and its meaning is blossoming bud, there is another meaning which i read in a book of names and their meanings is that mukul is something which joins body with our soul.

  5. Hitaishi ... lovely name and a lovelier meaning !
    Was really a thought provoking post ... my name is Sourav, and it means the deepest and the freshest fragrance of a flower to which bees are attracted to !

    And yeah thanks for the follow on my blog, but no thanks for leaving without a comment back there :(

    Am following you too, not just for the names'sake ... but would actually love reading what you can write :)

    Be sure to leave your words back at my place too :)

    In love with me and life

  6. @akshat thanks n gud sandhi viched ;) lol

  7. @ chetan thanks for thz motivational keep in touch.

  8. @ mukul sir yups I have done a lil bit of reasearch n i hope that has paid.:)

  9. @ sourav hey! I have left a comment for your post...n keep reading.There is more to come:)

  10. To quote the great Arnold Horshack...

    "Horshack is an old and respected name. It means, 'the cattle are dying.'"

  11. from mine you can even trace me to my hometown, u kno it, angrezified its : battlefield-brave lion from-jammu
    fierce hmm

  12. Well , my name is Shahid

    Shahid is a Persian/ Urdu word, which means some one who watches, it can be used in different context...
    as in at court rooms in the Arabic countries, the witness are called Shahid

    An observer is also called Shahid, ..

    There are many versions of it, but I guess somehow I am what my name is, I observe and write on those things, they might be the silliest things in the world.

    Thnx for following my blog

    BTW: Girls having the sunsign Scorpio"..I got a huge history with them...

  13. @shahid But every scorpion is different.
    And I ll agree you are your namesake.

    Thanks for following mine too

  14. @ number hmmm some where I think you are like you name ...RoYal.

  15. @chris Thanks for commenting.It felt great to hear from you.
    keep pouring in your comments.

  16. In one of the schools of thought that I have been a part of (and continue to be) - there is a concept called 'name saga'. It is rather difficult to digest for someone with a cynical view of the world though. It says that a lot of people 'become' the meaning of their names sometime in their lives. I have numerous examples to quote. This ought not be taken and applied universally of course, because our personality is a result of many phenomena, and name is just one of them.

  17. yeah even I found it absurd when some people say -your name reflects your persona butthen a few real life examples make you think hard.
    Anyways thank you pushkarraj ji for taking time to read my posts.
    It feels good to have some one like you for guidance.
    I will pay heed to your your advice too.

  18. Nice post.

    I'm not sure I believe in a greater meaning/implication to one's name. I would argue, I would just be me if I were a Vishwanath than the Madhu(sweet, honey literally speaking) I am. Kinda re-stated " What's in a name..."

    But I do believe a name means a lot more than a moniker. It signifies the love and affection of your parents. It signifies the their thought and dreams as to why they named you thus. It's their gift to you. Just for that, I would not change it...