Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strokes of Brushes

Welcome to my art exhibition..This is an exhibition of a few original paintings.....We all have heard of sentational paintings like monalisa and hotshot painters like Pablo Picasso,MFHussian and many more.There have been people who take up painting as a professionand why not when a painting can fetch you a price as high as $ 53.9 million dollers.And there have been many enigmatic,cryptic,beautiful paintings.Ahh!!I used to wonder these painters are occult...and surely they are ,after all it takes imagination and ideas to create a magestic painting.
Recently I opened sotheby's website (For your information Sotheby's is the world's third oldest art auction house) and I saw a few great paintings.I realized that though I am not a great painter ,I am not bad either.With a proper marketing strategy, my paintings can earn millions too and I can become a parvenu ;)..heheeee
So here is my collection.
Hope you all will enjoy watching these strokes of brushes.

My first painting is of LORD GANESHA(for the foreigners who are following my blog- LORD GANESA is an Indian God who is also known as GOD OF SUCCESS)
When hot Summers make you jetlagged and you feel deadbeat...Wouldnt you want to be in a place like this.
When the night overshadows and the sun sleeps ,this is how the world looks through my eyes.
Away from the horns of vehicles,loud music of pubs and idyllic place where you will surely exult-An Indian farmland.

Donot take a beaten up path ,rather create a trail of your own.Follow your dreams.HOPE YOU ENJOYED WATCHING THESE PAINTINGS.MY MUSEUM is closed now.


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  2. Ohh my God..Without any doubt I havent been given a pleasanter surprise before..How did you just do that..its a born artist's work.Really..No exaggerations here. I am wondering how i never got to know about that for all the time i have know you. These are outstanding. So rich in colour. Some so bright, Some so dark. Just apt to the theme. Awesome.
    I just loved the silhouette that you made out of the trees and the hut in the 3rd one. Brilliant. Even better is the way you have painted the leaves red and orange in the second one..Love the mall. And the best one by far is Shree Ganesh.

    Remember i used to teach maths to a girl and i told you that she is a real artist and was actually into selling her work. You know you are beyond that level. Really. I can imagine the level of creativity and ability to picturize that would have gone into the making of these..

    And if i am not wrong, You must have made most of these when you were a small girl.. Hats off to you my child prodigy..

    P.S: On second thoughts, the one in which two people are moving towards a small hut is the best...:D

    Wowwwwww..I am amazed..

  3. Awesome...m short f words...magnificent.

  4. nice works...
    hope their will be more to coming...

  5. Hey ! nice blog. my favorite painting would be lord Ganesha's. even i used to paint during school days but now have left that.Hope to see more of your paintings.

  6. @Akshat No thanks dear.If I will say thanks you will feel bad...take care

  7. @ mukul Sir Thanku very much ...:) :) :)

  8. @noni thanks for following my blog and I will try my best to engage you with interesting stories.

  9. @shilpa Hey!thanks a lot for commenting and keep reading many more stories about to come.Take care

  10. Awww...ders jst one word 4 dis....Amazing!!!

  11. wow!! gr8 work indeed,
    my fav: the dark one with the big moon & tree & hut

  12. @ jaunty and number
    thank you so very much :)

  13. so mesmerizing and so captivating..

    I loved it...


  14. Loved the pic, where you showed me the way to hills and to beat the heat ... just went on a trip to Darjeeling and Gangtok ... you refreshed my memories ! :)

    Not sure, if you are going to make millions out of your paintings, but you do have a bright career ahead with it :) Wish you all the luck and spirits !

    Keep painting and blogging. Take care. love with me and life

  15. Hey guys I am not a professional painter..It is just a hobby...So I have no plans of making millions with these...I just wanted to share these with all of you...:)
    I am loving the response I got :)

  16. @Amit thanks for such wonderful words:)

  17. @sourav thanks for your best wishes...donot know about painting but I ll continue blogging.
    I am loving it :)

  18. ur blog's good yaar :)
    ur paintings are good esp Lord Ganesha....

    will surely follow up :)
    keep blogging :)


  19. A good display of art!! Liked the Ganesha and When the night overshadows and the sun sleeps....

    Keep creating!! :)

  20. Great work... You are truly an artist.... Kepp the good work going....

    Do visit my blogs:
    And leave your footprints by posting comments

  21. so u paint wid colors n words 2... loved ur 2nd indian farmland pic.. reminds me f art used 2 mk as a kid in my art n craft classes :P :P.. not demeaning ur work or nething like dat..jst dat.. dis 1 cot my eye more dan any othr, 4 it seemd fimiliar...

  22. loved the ganesh ji wali pic:))