Tuesday, January 26, 2010


While searing for an answer to the question that :how is a human being formed?",I got the following answer.
This is what I got ,a zygote that is that came 
into existence after the mitosis and meiosis of cells
Well wait wait...I am not going to discuss biology
 here but I need an answer to my simple question 
that if humans are made up of cells then where from
 this religion came into existence.
A little child doesnt know anything at all,all the lessons
 of life he gets are from his/her parents or from the society.
Then is it not possible that the lessons that we got were wrong...
I dont know about you but I feel that there is a possibilty 
of this to happen.Then if a few wrong people divided us on the
 basis of caste ,creed,religion,language then can we not correct this mess.
Yes we can...I lately heard of an example where two people
 fell in love,the guy was a muslim and the girl was a hindu.
They both got married and were blessed with a baby.
And when the authorities asked them to fill the column of religion
 in the baby's birth certificate they simply refused saying that
 they dont want their child to be bound by a single faith.
It was an hour of revelation for me....I think this society 
will actually be a good place if we consider each other 
as humans and nothing else.
And to be true ,that is what we are.......Then.........

Lets us all stay united 
And live our lives happily
Let us concentrate on the constructive things
And Let us work together, for the mankind
How many of us know the religion of Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton
All that we know is, they were great minds who worked for the MANKIND 
Think what may have happened
Had they only worked for a particular religion. 

P.S : Happy Republic Day guys!


  1. happy republic day!!! JAI HIND
    nice thot tho wid d amt of politics f power invlvd wid religion caste creed... its almost impossle 2 unite d country... tho in d worst f tyms all come 2ghtr ... wot hurts is dat in gud tyms d whole discrimination things cropos up...n where lotsa ppl preach d no class no creed policy.. only few practse in it der lives.. rest all jst show d way 2 odr... no am not pointing out all dis 2u ,,am jst sayin dis is how it is.. u my frnd giving 4wrd dis thot on such an important day only makes ur realise dat abv all .. v all r humans n v r all d same... n its not jst abt bein indian... d whole world is such dat v r all d 3ghtr ..yet so divided on issues dat keep no meaning in d long run
    so nice thot 2b shared on dis day
    i wont say am proud 2b an indian.. but yes AM PROUD OF INDIA.....

  2. How true it is...but i never gave it a thought..I dont what religion these eminent scientists belonged to..

    I too have a similar thought..
    Following a religion is like aligning youself to a school of thought..And that is VERY PERSONAL. One should keep that to himself....Its purpose in a certain sense is to tame people down from their ferocious selves..But what ever the purpose be..Religion should be kept to one's self..Not imposed on another...if that be the case...Religion will no longer need debates as to which is superior and which to follow and why..

  3. seriously , such an awesome way to touch such a serious topic ... but the essence of it would not be complete if we fail to analyze the correct reasons failing the system .
    First of all , no one can divide the human generation on basis of cast , creed , religion etc .What we are suffering through is cuz this is what we have choosen for ourself on the basis of what we think ... which is again based on our class of education . Illeteracy is what i think has crippled old Indian generation to follow these ways. also politicians , gurus etc considered divding people on the basis of
    religion , an easy way to garner votes and admiration from mostly illiterate indian people .
    What failed us is that , educated ones did not come forward to join the STAGE , even if they did they were too much in minority to make a difference .
    What i want to put my point forward is that we should encourage literacy throughout india .. if we need to prosper . If a person become educated ... he automatically gets sense of what is right and wrong for him . We must not forget the india got its independence through leaders such as GANDHI JI , NEHRU , BOSE etc which were truly more educated then rest of us even now . So what i think so is that , we have yet to get independence from illiteracy . yes , i dont love my india because i see too many problems in this system . But i am proud to be an INDIAN , cuz i have got this wonderful oppurtunity to mark a difference and to make life meaningfull for many and i hope we the educated ones , do our bit :)

    Look towards singapore .. it has many difefrent followers living simultaneously on such a small piece of land . WE certainly can do much better then them . I HOPE WE DO .

    Srry for taking so much space , but this is what i feel .

    take care

  4. @sobhit

    Yes in a way u ARE right,today we are discussing that how can we make India better but how many of us work towards it.We say WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY,WE CAN DO ANYTHIN FOR IT but where does this patriotsim goes when we throw waste paper on the road.When we dont go out and vote.
    To be very frank ,even I used to throw waste paper on the road untill my conscience said NO.

    There are 3 kinds of people one who just sit and dont act,one who think of acting,and thn there are ones who act.
    I belong to d second category...Recently I wrote here that I m teaching people..It struck me then that y not teach thz who r v poor ,who cant afford...But the prob was from where to start.So I searched for a few NGO's working for disabled people and poor people.I contacted them but got no reply,thn I thought of going to one of the NGO's myself but it was far away from my place and my parents refused to allow me to go to such a far flung area.

    But I ll keep on trying, n so should all f us.WE MUST MAKE INDIA BRIGHT.


  5. @akshat hmmmm we will follow it up dear...:):)
    take care n be prepared for your post..I am eagerly waiting for it:)

  6. @AJ ohhh feel free to write your heart out...Yes it is easy to preach and difficult to implement.See the problem is not with us..Human being are mouldable.The same Indian who throws waste on the road in India restricts himself when he steps up on the foreign land ..y ..becoz he knows d rules r stricter there.A few Things can be done but I feel bad when they are not done like a person entering a gud b -school must get 99 percentile and the person who is supposed to run the country has no qualification.Then there are people like shibhu soren who despite being a proclaimed criminal blackmails parties to give him d post of CM n becomes a CM too.What mess is this?
    Another thing is that there are 40 policemen guarding 1 VIP n 1 guarding 6000 people.
    And the worst part is that we can only discuss..But lets us not give hope and strive forward and try and add a drop of effort in this ocean.

    Take care and keep :)

  7. India can be made into a heavenly place to live in.In fact it is heaven. Problem is that we are used to being ruled,so used to the colonial style,so used to being looked down upon by politicians that we have lost faith in ourselves.We are being divided on religious lines.
    some of you may like to read my latest post INDEPENDENCE--REPUBLIC indiaoftomorrow.blogspot.com

  8. I agree with you that we should consider ourselves as humans first and last and not confine ourselves into smaller groups / sects etc. That is the way we can evolve spiritually and have a broad world view...