Sunday, January 31, 2010


Love is always patient and kind

Love is not jealous ,it doesnot brag and it is not proud

Love is not rude,it is not selfish, and doesnot become angry easily

Love doesnot remember wrong done against it

Love is not happy with evil,but is happy with truth
Love bears all things ,believes all things

Hopes all things,endures all things

Love never fails
P.S A poem from the movie ,"A Walk To Remember"for everyone whoz ever been in love


  1. Love is what makes life worth living :).

  2. True :)

    "Love is not the feeling of accomplishment it is not about achieving. It can never be forced on or off a person,It’s not about reciprocation Instead It’s a beautiful feeling which comes in the right time, right place for the right person. It’s a feeling that makes us smile and wish happiness for the person we love even if that results in tears in our own eyes"

    keep Writing and Smiling :)

  3. You know I feel love is something which can not be expressed---it is only to be felt.

  4. Love , Love , Love : it always hurts

    but there is something in love , that makes u addicted to it irrespective of the fact " u r sure to get hurt " ... u always wanna go for it , one more step thinking u might find true love.

    i must say it amake us believe all impossible things are possible .....

  5. good one... loved it

    Love conquers all (got it from my orkut fortune :P)

  6. Reminds me of the movie 'A walk to remember' with a few modifications of course!!
    Seems like you are really busy these days..
    Anyway whatever you are up to, best of luck!!:)

  7. Ur poems get very alluring when they are about love & relationships :)

    Gr8 work..
    cheers !!!

  8. No doubt Nicholas Sparks had written a great book to be made into such a lovely movie.
    But, the poem was initially taken from the Bible and then edited a little. :)