Friday, January 1, 2010


First of all ,a very happy new year guys..May this be one of your best years and may you get all that your heart craves for.Have a great year ahead and I wished all those who are a part of my life but how could I forget you all...Here's a short poem for u all.CHEERS MY BLOG BUDdIES
The fire, inside me
Asked me, to spill the beams of my soul
And then, I stood up , out of ma bed
Towards blogger, my mind led
And then I started to blog,
For a few days,I had to slog,
But you were alwaz there,
To inspire me and to care
Like a plant my blog, grew
And your comments added, H2O
;) :) ;)
Thanks for being there guys.
May the almighty bless You all!!
Take care and have a great year!


  1. That was such a cute poem!!
    Happy new year!!:)

    PS The font is too small n nt readable!!

  2. Happy new year to you too

    PS- Increase the size please it was so difficult to read the poem and its so good :).

  3. happy new year:)lovely poem

    PS: my sentiments exactly

  4. Wishing Happy birdie a very happy new year :)

  5. Nice poem .
    A very happy new year to you

  6. first time on your blog

    nice poem and liked the way you rhymed it :)

    have a wonderful and happy year ahead :)

  7. wow that was agreat poem..
    Happy New year..

  8. happy new year n hows d post engrrnrin treatin u??

  9. Feed the fire,
    Let it spill.
    From depths dire,
    Let it thrill.

    Speak the flames,
    From your soul.
    Play life's games,
    Fulfill your goal.

    Light up the world,
    With your sparks.
    This wish unfurled,
    From NesQuarX.

  10. @jaunty ,harini and yellow tulip

    Sorry for the font problem guys..hope it fine now ...Wishing u a gr8 year.keep smiling:)

  11. @Anoop,Sathish,sourav

    A very happy new year to u all.May success and happiness be urs.

  12. @chawla ji
    Have a great year and keep your hand there on me and my blog.I value ur inputs a lot.

  13. @Sorcerer
    Ahhaaaa nice ....I m glad u appreciated my wrk..keep coming bk:)

  14. @Suree
    Keep rocking this year z well:)

  15. @Sobhit
    Well post engg is bad...without friends:(,without thz classrooms:(....but I am trying to cope up...Afterall the baton of my life is in my hands..I will find waz to njy...Wat abt u?howz life gng?

  16. @Nesquarx
    Wowww! I couldnt get btr reply than this...the poem is too good and happy new year:)..keep coming bk:)

  17. hmmm... am on verge of getin ovr wid MCA.. guess wud b in same state 6months dwn d line d way u r :-/.... only no plcmnts ,, so no job yet n tackling a ligamnt injury des days.. so am glad 2009 ovr, not d best f yrs f me it seemd , only hopin 2010 comes out bttr.. aftr al lyk u said d baton f life lies in our hands only ...