Thursday, February 11, 2010

Somebody please wake them up!!!

Just a few minutes back,I was surfing the news channels and there was just one news all over.I am feeling pathetic right now.

What country are we living in where RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT but noone can express their views and if we do...a political party creates a big uprore.

What country are we living in where just for the sake of a few votes ,political parties play with the emotions of the innocent people.

Yes here I am talking of POLITICAL PARTIES like SHIV SENA and MNS.From where I can see,I can clearly visualize why shiv sena is creating such a big issue over Mumbai,over SRK OR over Australians playing in the IPL.

Its simply because last year Udhav thackrey's cousin earned more votes than him because of his so called "fight for the Marathi Manoos policy".

No I am not saying the issue they are fighting for is not justified..It is justified..The People of Maharashtra should get preference in the state Government jobs but this is just not the right way to approach a problem..Here we are not luking at the interest of our Nation but are luking at the interest of our parties' votebank.

Going This way ,I dont think we will be able to fight poverty,militancy,unemployment or any other issue...As a citizen of India ,I feel ashamed of my country's political system and the political parties.

P.S I am sorry guys for not replying to your comments these days.I am just a lil busy wd sum wrk.Thanks to all those who are still reading my posts.


  1. The subject you have written about is nothing but politics.It was a boxing match between, SS-Chavan-Pawar-Price Rise-congress at centre.They are still fighting and we ,Indians, have lost it.
    Also,if the media could be a bit more careful, we could be a much better place to live in.

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  4. Every time i see something like this, i feel so a mix of emotions. Whats wrong with us seriously?

  5. hey i agree wd u,,,,there are more important issues bt all RSS,,,MNS thinks abt is these trivial things

    BTW u hv been tagged,,,chk my blog

  6. certain small people who have become victims of a sense of selfish leaders who only concerned with their own entrails. not in accordance with the promise that once they say when campaigning

  7. It is just ugly politics.. They may tear shahrukh's posters in the morning but will watch his movie in the night. They may beat up couples celebrating valentines day but they will not forget wishing thier gal frnd on that day. Its just thier ugly game. As long as the keep getting the votes of majority they are not going to stop. Attitudes of people should change at the end of the day,


  8. They are not asleep, so as to wake them up. Someone is making them blind for there selfish motives.

  9. Anything for money... If they are paid enough, they can even show black flags on independent day. The state has lost its authority to challenge the semi-literate & close
    minded shiv sena, bajrang dal or maulvis who do more harm than good for any religion & country.

  10. Hi dear, Nice attempt but such article used to be written from all over the world concerning there own political or any other problems. Your article, is not doubt, very good and based on reality but i, personally, suggest you to write something which makes the volcano erupt. Hoping you will do it!

  11. It hurts.. really... the situation is worsening and my domain (media) is doing every bit to make people believe that "Yes India is rottening!"
    Nice realistic post.
    One suggestion: Can you increase the Font size?
    Keep the spark alive..
    Cheers Life..

  12. Well whatever we do, there will be such elements to pollute. Needless to say I liked this post, but not the issue. It's high time our constitution gets amended or we get to excercise our rights !
    Thanks for the article !

    ..escape !