Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey guys!!This ones my first tag...I got too tags in a day ...Wopieeee.To be very frank I didnt know what does a TAG means.Then after a bit of search, I found out that You are given a theme and you have to write on that theme....I was tagged by jaunty and number and The theme is NUMBER.

NUMBER first of all reminds me of one of my seniors...yaa the one who tagged me.God knows why has he kept his name number but he is a very good human because he helped me in my project..:) And I want to make full use of this opportunity to say thanks to him..THANK U SIR ohh sorry captain :)

Okay lets start.
It reminds me of that song from the hindi movie " purab and paschim",JAB ZERO DIYA MERE BHARAT NE TAB DUNIYA KO GINATI AAYI...and it makes me feel so chauvinistic.Yes we are Indians, Not some slumdog millionaires but the ones who gave so much to the world including mathematics.yES I am chauvinistic.A diehard patriot.

My Numero uno is my Family.I am a homesick kind of person.I enjoy being with my family and friends(my extended family).For me they are the best.

I had a two wheeler-a blue coloured scouty but pa has sold it now.I feel so dependent without it.

I have three chocolates with me right now..and I love chocolates ,they are the real food for your brain and heart....I am relishing each byte of it and yaa I love mik chocolates like milkybaar..So If you plan to gift me a choco thn it should be a milkybaar-the premium baar.

Four years of college life..I miss ma college so much..those lecture halls,those sessionals,wo hamare cheating karna and pakde na jaana.Thanks to that good impression ;),bunking classes by jumping out of windows,breaking all sorts of rules,fighting hard against the red tapism and studying on the last night before the exams...hmmm I am gonna miss ma college days

We were five girls in our Electronics And Communication stream,popularly known as chak de.Seriously we have rocked this college life.We have done so much boogieing in the class.Even the guys used to feel jealous of us because we were the real heroes of the class :).Today all of us are away and forlorn but We are still connected through spirits..Spirit that says Girls are no less than guys.We too can do anything in life.

Six reminds me of 6 sixes of yuvraj singh in the world cup against England...Little broad looked like a dwarf infront of our giant yuvi...Yes I am a big big cricket fan and Sourav Ganguly is ma fav player..and my first crush.I miss you were the real tiger.

Seven reminds me of sat sur of hindi music..I am a big time music maniac..Music makes me happy and rejuvinates my soul.I have a big collection of all time hits, thanks to my love.

Eight reminds me of the girl lakshmi who had eight legs and with Gods grace she is leading a normal life now...Also eight reminds me of my school days when even one minute after eight meant punishment...I never got one but i used to enjoy seeing ma batchmates running with their bags.That was the time when eight meant morning prayers and masti at school.

Nine is my favourite number...and numerologically my lucky number..Though I dont believe in all these things but I still like the number...I was also born on a date whose single digit sum is 9.

Ten used to be the time for me to sleep when the college was on but not anymore.Now I sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning..guess how life changed in just a few days.

P.S. Hope I have done a decent job..and if not then plzz excuse ,it was ma first tag.
ohkk I will tag akshat,skywalker,deepika,shilpa,Amit,noni,sattish,nicolas (my new reader)....cheers to all


  1. Hmmm rockers in ECE eh........
    anyways nice Tagging yaar :)

    keep blogging :)

  2. now that is a great tag. Number tagged me too and i m all excited to do it!

    thanks for following me sweetie!

  3. once again i have been tagged, well nw i think i have to complete this real quick :P

  4. ohhhhhh,
    thank you soooo very much,
    i am honored, :)
    really dont know what to say!!!

  5. Nice tag..... :)

    8 feet girl... it's amazing...

    well, incidently my lucky numberis also 9 according to numerology...


  6. I opt out of commenting..although while i write this, i am commenting none the less. Tagging is like a flu dangerous even more than swine, at its pace, tomorrow I will find 23.678965% of bloggers writing about 'numbers and their meaning to them'; its like jungle fire, eating up everything of everyone that comes in its way [in this case time], and the scary part is that it will spread exponentionally. It is synonymous to a capitalist economy sabotaging the rights of the innocent public...Its a massacre..No.. I will not let this happen.. I cant. Main aawaz uthaunga...Ministry of Human Resource mein jaunga....This tagging will see its doom, and very soon....Jai Hind....:P

  7. And by the way, Girls are less than boys..It is a fact..Even the census says so...Some 900 odd for every 100 males...hehe :D

  8. Sorry, I meant 900 odd for every 1000 males......not 100, boys arent that lucky...:)

  9. nice tag...
    see i am bad at it but i'll try to do...


  10. @satish yups I will keep blogging.
    Thanks anywaz!!
    @amit thanks a lot!

  11. @mukul Read ur tag..v.nicely penned down

  12. @number There is no need to say thanks captain..This one was due for a long time

  13. @ADesi Well dear do write one soon,I am eager to read yours .

  14. @AKSHAT hmmmmm aawaz uthao jee..Even I didnt like this idea of tagging and passing it on..There is no reason behind it.
    Thumbs up to your comment.
    And abot girls they may be few but can give equal cometition to the guysand boys are lucky dear just that girls are d best :p

  15. Hii..Nice tag..:)

    Elec & COmm. ..good , in my btech colege the ECE ppl used to name thmselves as elegant ECE..:) so, good. I'm an electrical engg..:)

    Chak de...good name..:)

    Ur feelings are very fresh as u r just out of ur college..after reading this i seriously felt that i should have started blogging then itself..:) so that i could have expressed it in a better way >.:)

    Nice blog yar and yaa u have got a new follwer too..lets be there on each other's blog often..:)

  16. @pramoda Sure pramoda!!I wud love to...and thanks for these wonderful words.

  17. @dhanya ohh thanku v much!!Keep in touch

  18. hi harini!nice to see u here.Well I am not an abnormal kind of person ;).No I am not an eight feet girl,It was just a joke!

  19. Nice Tag.....:)

    Do visit my blog:

    And leave your footprints by posting comments..

    I'm following your blog now....

  20. so u r a passout


    can u help me in studies ;)

    anyways tell me y ECE has less gals?????

    we r 17 gals in a class of 60 :(

  21. A nicely done tag!! Liked your numbers!! :)

  22. nice tag gal..:)..hey i'm from ECE too:)...

  23. @vandana Not passed out yet...resuts awaited.I am frm 2005 batch.
    why E& C has less girls?
    because it is the topmost branch..people with high grades join E&C and coz it s the toughest.;)
    Sure I ll help u ,anytime.
    take care

  24. @VJSophie and Shilpa
    Thanks a lot...keep pouring in your comments.It boosts my confidence

  25. @Yellow Tulip
    Woww!!seems like all of us were destined to meet at blogger..Anywaz keep in touch:)

  26. Very nice tag and you have a lovely blog! It was fun to visit you :D

    Have a Happy Day!

  27. nice tagging....sorry for not being active for a long time but yes am active now...and btw if u wanna know why i was inactive check out my blog

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