Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beyond engineering....the journey continues!!!

So ,finally I am an Engineer....Lately my final semester result was declared and I scored 83.8 % marks.I got what I wanted ,a 76 % aggregate.Now I am an engineer with an honours degree.:) :)

It was a hedonic feeling...I was elated but comparing it with my previous results ,the happiness level was low..I wondered why?I had scored my engineering career best in the final sem but still ,I wasnt feeling that happy as I used to feel earlier.

May be It was because now these marks hold a very small value ...Now the goal had changed to creating a good future,a scintillating career.

There are many engineers out there....I am just a droplet added to this ocean of engineers.
Though I dont like compromising today's happiness for tomorrow's but this time I want to make it anyhow.

Here my mind is recalling a few inspiring lines from

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

by Robert Frost

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

2.gif image by aadi1295

Waiting for my Tata Consultancy Services' joining and would be taking CAT this year...Lets see what transpires.
Keeping my fingers crossed...I know God will show me the right path.


  1. Congratulations for your wonderful Success... :)
    Wish you all the best in your life....:)

  2. Congratulations ..>:) That's a good percentage..

    so, waiting for the DOG...ALl the best dear and prepare well for the CAT exam..

    Have nice time ..

  3. an engineering marvel u hav bcum..

  4. Congratulations! What a great percentage :)
    All the best for TCS and CAT and the yet-to- complete dreams! :)
    So, what kind of an engineer are you?

  5. @pramoda thanks dear..yup waiting for the dog to trap the cat..heheee

  6. @vishnu hey thanks!keep coming back :)

  7. @guria hey thanks dear!!!I am an electronics and communication engineer :)

  8. Many many congratulations to you..all the best for your future.


  9. Congratulations. Wishing you a great successful life ahead:)

  10. Congratulations and my best wishes.You have done very well and hope you will keep up the good work.All the best.

  11. Welcome to passed out engineers world!:D

    TCS will call you soon!Some of my batch mates have joined already!

    All the best for your future!

  12. Congo!!

    You have reserved your seat in dont worry

    Be focused...

    Be happy...

    Keep Smiling

  13. congrats...even i had the same feeling a month back me things will go fine....

  14. hey kudos and sure to have a lot success for u ahead.... great haan....

    nice percentage..

    wishes for the yet-to-happen-things in life...

    keep blogging...

  15. hey ER hapibirdie now :D.. gud 4u.. now u said TCS CAT.. phew big d best wid wot all u want n wish 2do.. jst a thing.njoy all along ..b it preparing 4 CAT or joining TCS,, cod dis tym dis momnt aint coming back so CHEERS!!! n hv fun
    congrats once again on becoming an engnr.. :)

  16. Congrats, well done :)

    All the best for TCS and prepare well for CAT !
    A girl with such good grades, I'm sure you will make it to the top 10's !

    And as the saying goes "Aim for IIM-A, you might land up in IIM-B or C" !

    I aimed too, but landed in MDI .. and I'm happy and a proud Ex-MDI'te now!

  17. 85% ?? woww! all the best for CAT and TCS...

  18. Congratulations !!

    Wishing you the best for a wonderful career and life ahead...

    In any job, it is not the degrees that count but the attitude, the values and the energy and enthusiasm that counts for success. Make sure that you are committed to excellence and always have your organisation's best interests in mind.


  19. Congratulation :) Wow Wow! ;D

    And, you're tagged!!

  20. whoa!! great job, an 83, congrats & goodluck for the future too

  21. WO0o an engineer
    hey... a guddiee blog need to catch up rest of yr construction quite interesting... n BDW
    cheers to yr success...

  22. you have been on this link to know more about it and pass on the tag too

  23. Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.

  24. hey, dats gr8
    n best of luck for CAT

  25. my congratulations, really! the main thing left is not to be lost between thousands of engineers like you, my friend!

  26. Congrats girl :) and 76% is damn good.

  27. Good job Happy Birdie . . you must be so pleased with you and can't imagine the joy of your parents and family.

    You go girl, you done good!!!

  28. Hey, you have a tag or two over at MM, check it out. :)

  29. hey all d best 4 ur future...
    even i m a engg final yr now...

    and 76% aggregate is did u manage to maintain it??
    simply superb...

  30. Congratz for your achievement. And those lines of Frost, I guess it has inspired generations. Me too for that reason.

    Anyways, CONGRATZ again!!!

  31. hey how are you doing???

    have not seen u these dayss...:)

  32. Awesome!! Congrats on the honours degree and all the best with CAT and TCS. Of course, needless to say, in case you need any help with preparation, don't hesitate to ask.

  33. Congrats buddy!!!

    Got one more engineer to this world... So what you are going to engineer dude?

  34. Hiya...


    am landing here through Tulip's blog...

    Wishing you the very best for your future :)

    Frost is truly inspiring always :)

    take care...


  35. Dear Happy Birdie,
    first time here.what an occasion to reach!celebrations n cheers!hearty congrats dear for the remarkable score n for becoming an engineer!reaching each milestone gives immense pleasure.
    Robert Frost's lines are my all time fav.good luck and best wishes for a wonderful future!A BIG GOD BLESS YOU!
    felt nice reaching here.
    wishing you a cool night,

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  37. Congrats yaar..wish you good luck for ur future

  38. Btech!! 83? 76?? sorry I think I'm in a wrong place. :0


  39. Hi girlie :)
    Visit my profile, Something is waiting for you :)

  40. Congrats young lady!! Thats an amazing percentage... well done on your success!!!

  41. congratulations.. all the very best for ur future :)

  42. I trust you hv since joined TCS.There has been no post for a long time.It is very much due.You hvn't visited my blog too
    All the best

  43. there is somethin for u:) collect it dear

  44. congratulations and all the very best :)

  45. omg...76% aggregate !! well done..
    and all the best wishes..

    do spare out some time giving tips, how to manage through college life..and maintaining such score :)

  46. hey congrates for the 4 years which you passed
    with your friends with full of enjoyment.

  47. Itne achchhe Results ke liye Badhaaiyaan. So you are a E&C Engineer, thats gr8.

    Best of luck for your bright future. Aaap bahut achchha likhti hain aur aapka blog bahut khoobsurat hai.

    Meri Kalam - Meri Abhivyakti

  48. ahhh the ever legendary words of robert frost. i wonder why most of the ppl remember during their graduation

  49. congos fr ur success n hope ur CAT was fine..:)

  50. nice blog
    do tk tym to drop by mine

  51. Turning another page in the book of life...much success and the brightest of wishes for you in the new year.