Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a joker!!!!

I danced like a lummox,
people laughed at me,
I was a joker
I was made to laugh at.

I hid my face behind colours and smiles
people came
attracted to me.

I thought they loved me
How silly I was ,
a perfect joker
they came to suffice their ulterior motives,
and I was so naive

I was just a puppet for them,
When I danced to their tunes,
they smiled with me and
drenched me with love
And when I didn't ,
I was a mere toy for them
I cried for I had felt bad,
I was torn into pieces but
I had to get up
I was a joker
and jokers dont have emotions,
they cant feel bad
they must forgive and forget their pains
and must perform the act with perfection,
the act of dancing to the tunes of its master
else the master will get upset
What if he never cared for my emotions,
I loved him.....

I was just a joker ,
The leitmotif of my show was predefined
I just had options
Act or get shunned!

My chicanery makes you laugh,
what more can I ask for,
I must live by the rules laid by my master
thats my life
the act must be performed to the tee
hiding all fears,
all tears,
the act of brightening the lives of people I love!
After all I am just a joker.....

P.S I know the poem is distorted but I wanted to write what I felt.I wanted to break myself free from the gamut of emotions that had engulfed me.

Take care and thanks to all of you..You guys are really an important part of my life now.You have become my close knit family.
Thanks for being there.


  1. Commendable post yaar :)
    Emotions are blended aptly ,everyone's a joker in our world of play :)

    keep blogging :)

  2. beautifully described nad written ... oso m glad tht its not jus another love poem :)
    u rock girl :)

  3. You unearthed some of the most colorless emotions of the most colored people ! And this is not just about them, this is about most of us hidden behind the faked masks .. protecting our identity and making the mirrors to lie even to us !

    Blogging is one perfect of way finding some like minded people who can ease of your worries with some wonderful words, which at times real friends just CANNOT !

    Take care and Be good :)

  4. A lovely piece filled with emotion and pain. Quite painful to read as many people feel like this at some time in their life. I know I have. Well done for illuminating so wonderfully and thanks for sharing your vulnerability . . more of us should let go like this more often!!!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. So touching....
    A mesmerizing and emotive piece... :)
    Keep writing such lovely posts.. :)


  6. beautiful:) kip writin gurl!:)

  7. Its so beautifully written. A story , a character of each one of us. I loved it. God bless you:)

  8. The audience sees the joker as a comedian while the joker sees himself as a performer.

    Life is like that. The way we see ourselves may not be the way others see us..

    Nice thought provoking poem, Hits. Keep it up..


  9. KEEP WRITING DEAR:)...very nice post

  10. well composed poem... not at all am not a big fan f poems tho... but any gud read is worth spending tym on... hopefully d emotions r now all gone n u find ur self engulfed in bettr emotions

  11. you have put all your emotions in a perfect way, a very good poem..wish you good time ..

  12. i dont no whether i can comment on this piece of poetry or not coz m no gud writer myself, though i can say you rite very well...keep writing :)

  13. really nice..the world wants us to be a joker dancing at their tunes!!

  14. William Shakespeare once said, "The world is not your friend"... How true... Liked the poem!

  15. Lovely, bittersweet poem. How many of us have hidden behind the mask, dancing to someone else's beat, believing "the show must go on." You took the make up off and revealed your heart...well done!

  16. Really a beautiful n touching piece, great work :)

  17. thoughtfull...and a brilliant painting

  18. Hey..How could i miss this post for these many dayss...Very well written and beautiful pic .. have nice time dear ..:)

  19. Wat a lovely post..!!

    Drenched with pain.... Wonderfully written..


  20. Hi,

    Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


  21. thats definitely an awesome painting and for somereason am not able to comment for the latest here...nice blog..wil be coming back for sure:)! cya


  22. Super!

    We all need to act or get shunned!

    Some of us are jokers!

    Sometimes,a whole life of man/woman ends up as a joke for others!But still that man/woman is hero to themselves!

    You're good in recording emotion!

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