Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey guys!!I wanted to write this post almost a month back,but it kind of slipped out of my mind.
It was one of my friends birthday and he gave us a "kaminey treet".So we went out and watched kaminey.The movie portrays two twins, one character is gud and honest and the other dark and dishonest..The Movie is all about how the gud is able to get his love back fighting out against the dishonest society...where everyone is dishonest including his brother,the police and the ministers...Now is it not the reality of this new world.Seriously it hurts me a lot when someone who is honest and nice is bullied by the so called dishonest and bad heroes of the society.Yaa in the todays world everything bad is considered cool and gud is looked down upon and laughed at.
Drunkards and smokers are the new trailbrazers.
Corruption!! yaa they say without money there is no honey...then what should a poor do.
Ethics and principles hold no value.The slogon is "Just get your work done ANYWAYS."
People have become so bereft of their emotions that it has become difficult for them to hold on to a single relation..BREAK UP is now as easy as breaking a mirror with a hammer.And without any travails they start a new relation the very next day.

All this is cryptic for me..It is just not sinking in.

And that man who is genuinely good and nice seems to me like an endangered specie who may give up anytime fighting against these KAMINEYS.
That person seems to me like a prey fighting hard against the python...I feel like protecting him against all dangers because if he will give up,honesty will give up,goodwill will give up.

So this poem is dedicated to that person who is good,who has started feeling that he is the only alien here in this world.
So here it goes.

There are times in life, when, you have to fight to prove yourself right,
Fight ,because you are actually right.
Donot give up.

There are times, When there are two ways to do a thing,
All may take the easier way but your conscience says go the other way,
Listen to it and follow the right path.
So what if you are alone, You are right.
Never give up.

There are times when it is easier to leave and difficult to hold on,
Hold on because if you won;t then who will.
You are the choosen one .
Donot give up.

There are times in life when you feel that the whole concept of goodwill is fake,
Think again because if that was the case Jesus wouldn't have bee worshipped.
Inspire yourself.
Donot give up.

There are times when you feel alone in a crowd,
See again ,everyone has something good in him,
Help him,Bring that out.
But never give up.

There are times when you might have won by taking a shortcut in life,
Think again ,you may have won the race but you must have lost the respecting eyes.
So even if it takes ten races to register a win,donot lose hope ,
It is more blessed to give than to receive.
So Never give up..............................................:)


  1. its been two hours and no comments till now....i dnt know why,.....its really a great piece of prose....worth giving a thought... :)an inspiring one....

  2. gud one,
    & actually the kaminey ones have already given up, but they still want to survive so they go the kaminey way

  3. Good poem.

    I do say that you have to be good but i wouldnt mind being Robinhood.

  4. awesome re... the poem was really great.. lacked the usual rhyme was to the scene..

    really talents...


  5. a tag waiting 4u cmplete it asap :P :P... chk d end part f my last post

  6. @skywalker Thank u sir...and comments hardly matter...People must get the message.That will be my real victory :)

  7. @number Well said Captain!!I completely agree.

  8. inspirational poem..
    Really loved it so much :)
    Reading ur poem,reminded me the poem of Swami VivekaNand "The Song Of Free", one of my favourite poem...few lines of the poem are....

    Let eyes grow dim and heart grow faint,
    And friendship fail and love betray,
    Let Fate its hundred horrors send,
    And clotted darkness block the way.

    All nature wear one angry frown,
    To crush you out - still know, my soul,
    You are Divine. March on and on,
    Nor right nor left but to the goal.


  9. Hey Hitaishi,
    nice poem and very good moral: Never Give Up


  10. Nice post :-)

    Your poetry is good, lady!

  11. i did not read the post coz i havent seen the movie yet! uugghhh looks like everyone has seen it already, except me

  12. Hi Hitu, a commendable job....i know u know this story, but sharing with your followers..

    Once long back, when is was a small kid, i was coming home after school by a local bus. I somehow managed to travel all the distance without having to pay the conductor any fare. Obviously i was at the high of highs for having cleverly saved some good money, (a rupee was pure gold for kid my age). From the bus stop to my home it is a 2-3 minutes walk. while covering that i met my mamu and out of excitement i narrated me glorious feat out to him. Now i was awaiting a pat on the back for my achievement. At that point i didnt know why he did that, but i remember he did, he slapped his hand across my face with some real force. He dint say a word more and walked away.
    I had been taught my lesson..

    Now i can look back and easily say, i did need it........Else i would have been a "KAMINA" today. Credits to him, I can safely say that i am not ..

    Thanks Sanjay Mamu..

  13. **Think again ,you may have won the race but you must have lost the respecting eyes.

    Soo soo true...i liked theselines especiallyyy :)

    Loved ur narration and i havenot seen the movie yet..will watch :)


  14. lovely lines there.. :) glad i peeped in.. will come back and read in leisure..

    Keep writing. :)

  15. @harini thanks dear!!

    @simba thanks a lot....:):)keep coming back!!

  16. @sobhit thanks a lot..I ll take it up someday:)

  17. @shilpa,dhanya,vandana,sathish

    thanks to all of you..Your encouragement helps..keep reading :)

  18. @amit ya I am a fan of vivekananda too and I love his quotes" ARISE,AWAKE AND NOT WAIT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED".
    You hv quoted a very inspiring poem,thanks:)

  19. @Akshat thanks for sharing it hre dear...You know I hv written this poem keeping you in mind...I am proud of you as a human...You truely live up to your philosophy in life and ya never give up my dear ...:)MAY GOD BLESS U

  20. @closed eyes
    Thanks dear,keep reading ,I wud love to see u hre.

  21. @pramoda
    Thanks dear...You motivate me a lot:)

  22. @manju
    good to see u hre dear n although the movie is gud but there is no need to see the movie to get the messege in the post.
    Do watch the movie also,its gud:)

  23. @rohini
    Thanks dear and I am glad that u peeped in,keep in touch now:)

  24. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  25. Wow.You write so well.I agree with every line of what you have written.Remember you are not alone in fighting this menace of erosion of values.The poem is very nice.Thanks:)

  26. I enjoyed reading your post and the nice poem..

    In fact, I will soon be writing a post with a title "Who's your hero?" which will have a simialr theme.. Society should be celebrating people who display high moral values and not people who become successful by sacrificing values..

    Keep writing :)

  27. @parthasarthi thanks a lot,u r such a gr8 motivation.keep reading dear.

    @vishwanath thanks a lot...and I ll look forward to your post.take care.

  28. Hi Girlie :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! But am not able to post your comment! I dunno the reason!
    An E&C engineer? Whoa!! Meee tooo, accidentally of course!!! :P
    Btw, You write so well!! am Blogrolling you!

    Keep Smiling!

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  30. First of all I'm very glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Secondly, I read this post when I was feeling gloomy and all the hope was blighted. The poem really instilled the much needed hope in my heart. Thank you! :~)

  31. wonderful thoughts....

    hey .. u have a very nice blog...
    following you.. :)

  32. your poem gives me hope whenever i read it..hope is the mother of all feelings!:)

  33. intersting blog, nice work, i visited first time and really impressed...

  34. really a very nice poem...
    reminds me of anoder one "DON'T QUIT"
    hv u come across that one ?